We take great pride in producing exceptional customer service. Here is a sample of some of the excellent feedback we have received from our loyal customers:

University of Nottingham

"I am writing to express my thanks for the work carried out by the Bartec staff during the installation and commissioning of our nano PET-CT earlier this year.

I have been impressed by the support and help of the Bartec team, to get our system up and running. We are pleased with our system in Nottingham and now have a challenging agenda of work for both PET and CT studies.

I look forward to continuing collaboration as we continue to push the system to produce the best possible results."

Professor Alan C Perkins, Radiological and Imaging Sciences, University of Nottingham

Sheffield Children’s Hospital

"I recently purchased an EZAG Perflexion™  Cobalt flood source supplied by Bartec.  The flood is much easier to store and use than other options available. The service and support by Bartec was excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone else."

Mr Mark Haines, Chief Technologist, Sheffield Children’s Hospital

King’s College London

"We currently have two scanners manufactured by Mediso, a NanoSPECT/CT (Silver upgrade)and a nanoScan PET/CT.  Our first NanoSPECT/CT came to us from Bioscan in September 2008 and was upgraded in April 2012 by Mediso.  Since then, both our scanners are maintained by Mediso/Bartec.  We have had a long relationship with Mediso who has been extremely responsive to our feedback, tailoring the software and occasionally the hardware to our needs. When the Bioscan-Mediso relationship changed, Bartec took over the service and support of both our scanners in early 2013. This transfer was relatively smooth due to Bartec’s previous experience with nuclear medicine equipment. The current response times are usually within the same day; often start with logging in via Teamviewer and investigating the problem within a few hours.  Bartec is also very responsive in terms of site visits if remote support is not adequate.

Most, if not all our problems are IT related (memory, hard drive, Windows), the scanners are stable and produce good results. We have been satisfied with the scanners and the service, and have just entered into discussions regarding the purchase of new equipment from Bartec/Mediso. Based on our 6 years experience with the Mediso manufactured PET/CT and SPECT/CT systems, I am happy to recommend Bartec/Mediso as a preclinical scanner provider."

Dr Kavitha Sunassee, Preclinical Imaging Facilities Manager, Imaging Sciences & Biomedical Engineering Division, King’s College London