Veterinary Nuclear Scintigraphy System 

This is a state of the art digital gamma camera system offering exceptional bone imaging capabilities and ideally suited to all planar static and dynamic imaging applications.  

The system features high-resolution digital detectors with a much larger Field of View, enabling significantly more of the horse to be scanned at once, as well as much faster scanning times than previous systems. It has excellent spatial resolution for all types of equine veterinary and small animal nuclear scintigraphy, making it ideal for today’s modern practices.

The system includes the very best in image processing via custom-made PC workstation and software. The system runs under Windows platforms, featuring a user-friendly interface allowing for multiple functions and remote online support if needed.


  • Very robust system ideal for equine scintigraphy
  • Clinically proven technology, providing superior reliability
  • 53cm x 59cm large Field of View, particularly suitable for horses
  • Full Autotune Digital Head Detector with 60 Photomultiplier Tubes allowing high count rate efficiency
  • Dedicated equine cast collimator
  • Easily mounted using Bartec’s custom yokes
  • Adaptable to meet individual customer’s requirements
  • Fully supported, with full range of replacement parts and associated accessories available


If you are considering offering nuclear scintigraphy to your customers, Bartec can support you through all the stages of setup, service and operation.  

We provide:

  • Initial assessment of your site and building (whether new or pre-existing), advice on room size, ceiling height, power supply, temperature control etc
  • Options for upgrading existing premises, using a custom-made gantry solution, or design and build of a new facility
  • Introduction to local radio-pharmacy and radiation protection advice
  • Advice on type of system most appropriate to your needs and budget
  • Your preferred method of mounting and detector transport
  • Full installation - typically a 2 day installation period
  • Full training - typically 2-3 days applications training
  • 12 months Fully Comprehensive Equipment and Software Warranty
  • Service Contract options following the first year
  • Online and telephone support
  • Customer-specific Processing Programs and Protocols
  • Finance options if needed


Mediso UK will always treat your details with the utmost care and will never sell them to third party companies.

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