Perflexion™ Flood Sources

The Perflexion flood source reduces bulk and weight with its unique flexible design and tungsten composite Wolfgard shield.

The Perflexion has superior source uniformity, low impurities, and excellent durability and is the world’s only flexible flood source. Perflexion lays flat for calibration use, but rolls into a compact cylinder for storage, providing the most convenient, ergonomic flood source and case with optimum shielding protection.

The Perflexion flood source can be folded, bent, crushed and pulled without the material deforming, damaging, creasing, cracking, flaking or tearing overtime. Perflexion polymer “memory” ensures that the source will return to flatness even after being stored in a rolled configuration, the source weighs less than 29 lbs including the tungsten shield and hard case.

Product Code

Active Dimensions

Overall Dimensions

Activity (mCi)

Activity (MBq)


16.0" x 10.5" (406 mm x 266 mm)  17.4" x 11.9" (442 mm x 302 mm) 5 - 20 185 - 740


18.5" Diameter (470 mm)  20.0" Diameter (508 mm) 5 - 20 185 - 740


24.0" x 16.5" (610 mm x 419 mm)  25.4" x 17.9" (645 mm x 454 mm) 5 - 20 185 - 740


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