Introducing Dr Eleanor Cawthorne

4th January 2022

Bartec Technologies’ newest Sales Executive

Eleanor joins the team to add further experience and expertise in preclinical applications and cellular imaging. She’ll be supporting the nanoScan imaging systems, optical imaging systems, and the LigandTracer molecular interaction monitor. She is fresh from completing her doctorate in breast cancer research at the University of Leeds.

Here’s what Eleanor had to say about joining Bartec.

Understanding the customer’s needs

“By being in research myself, I am better placed to understand the needs of our customers, allowing me to deliver exceptional service and support. My own doctoral research discovered how breast cancer cells can survive and progress when they have no access to the vasculature, using biochemical, molecular and cell biology techniques to investigate novel protein-protein interactions and downstream signalling in the cells under microenvironmental stress conditions.

Improving the lives of others

“I want to apply the skills and knowledge from my research doctorate to a clinically relevant setting. My interest in clinical support is driven by a motivation to improve the health and lives of others, and I want to be able to apply my knowledge to research projects. I am excited to provide exceptional customer service, support, and expertise in the use of preclinical imaging systems and in nuclear medicine.”

Contact Eleanor

If you have any questions or inquiries about Bartec’s cellular imaging systems, you can contact Eleanor directly by clicking the button below.

Welcome aboard, Eleanor!