From Liverpool to the Isle of Man: Removal, transportation and installation of a Mediso AnyScan System into the Noble's Hospital

30th January 2021

Image taken in November when the COVID policy for the Isle of Man was less stringent on local residents
Mike Varty, Bartec Service Manager; Sue Wilson, Bartec Sales and Applications; Deborah Upsdell, Nuclear Medicine Superintendent Radiographer; Carol Bestwick, Radiographer; Wendy Twigg, Radiographer

A full-service removal and installation of Mediso AnyScan SC SPECT CT system 

Bartec Technologies is pleased to announce the successful installation of a Mediso AnyScan SC SPECT CT system into the Nuclear Medicine service, Radiology Department of the Noble's Hospital, Isle of Man.

The Isle of Man acquired the top of range scanner from Bartec after it became available due to delays in completing the New Royal Hospital in Liverpool.

Removal and shipping of the AnyScan

The project required the removal and shipping of the system from its location in Liverpool, with work being completed by the Bartec engineers after liaising with the main contractors on site to allow access to areas which were still under some remedial construction works.

Raditech Ltd, Bartec’s custom-made radiation protection equipment manufacturing partners, were working on the Isle of Man to remove and dispose of the existing Philips Forte system, ensuring that all waste was disposed of via appropriate routes (reuse, reduce and recycle).

Enabling works to prepare the site for the AnyScan SC hybrid system was completed by JP Electrical Services and included the installation of air conditioning units and addition of a control room for staff radiation protection.

Providing additional radiation protection services to ensure nuclear medicine services could continue

The acceptance testing and critical exam were performed by Integrated Radiological Services Limited (IRS) who currently provide radiation protection advice and services to the organization so were an obvious choice to perform this important function. IRS understood the importance of completing the tests and producing results in a timely manner to ensure the applications training could be delivered on time thereby allowing the nuclear medicine service to recommence scanning patients.

Applications training was provided in person by the Bartec team with remote support from Mediso. The first patient scans were performed on the fourth day of applications training.

Deborah Upsdell, Superintendent Radiographer at the Noble’s Hospital, said: “The Nuclear Medicine Department at Noble’s Hospital, Isle of Man is delighted to be able to offer our patients the enhanced imaging possibilities brought about by the installation of the Mediso AnyScan® SC hybrid scanner. The Consultant Lead in Nuclear Medicine, Dr Jack Straiton is very impressed with the image quality. Despite the difficulties resulting from the Covid lockdowns we have been well supported by the experts from Mediso in Hungary and from Bartec in the UK.”

Chandan Sharma, Bartec Senior Customer Service Engineer, Karim Ramli, Bartec Senior Customer Service Engineer

Working during COVID-19

The project was completed whilst adhering to strict key worker restrictions when travelling to the Isle of Man. All visitors to the island to be tested for COVID-19 several times and comply with isolation requirements throughout their stay. The project was completed in November 2020, prior to increased restrictions for residents and hospital staff

Commitment and collaboration of all involved 

Mike Bewick, Managing Director of Bartec Technologies, said: “This successful project was delivered on schedule due to the commitment and collaborative approach of all parties involved. It is even more impressive that it was completed during such difficult times. We are confident the Anyscan® SC within Noble's Hospital will serve as a springboard for our future plans. ”

Mike Varty, Service Manager at Bartec Technologies, added: “This was an unusually complex project involving no fewer than 11 separate companies, contractors or sub-contractors. There were certainly many hurdles along the way, but the cooperation and enthusiasm of everyone involved was exemplary.”

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