Using the Mediso AnyScan® VS Scintigraphy System at B&W Equine Vets

10th February 2020

Using the AnyScan® VS Scintigraphy System Equine Vets 

B&W Equine Vets is one of the largest equine practices in the South West & South Wales with a state-of-the-art equine hospital and five ambulatory clinics serving the region.

The practice was formed in 2009 following the merger of Bushy Equine Vets and The Willesley Equine Clinic and provides high-quality & specialist veterinary care, as well as being renowned for its stud and reproductive services.

Equine veterinary expertise, equipment, and diagnostic services

B&W Equine Vets has a fully equipped purpose-built equine referral hospital and offers a wide range of equine veterinary expertise, facilities, equipment, and diagnostic services. The practice carries out 10-12 bone scans per month and has the full range of imaging capabilities including ultrasound, X-ray, CT, MRI and scintigraphy.

Exceptional bone imaging capabilities

Jan Butler, a Senior Imaging Technician at the practice, said: “We’re pleased with the Mediso Scintigraphy system and the service from Bartec.”

The state-of-the-art Mediso Veterinary Nuclear Scintigraphy System from Bartec offers exceptional bone imaging capabilities and has the highest-resolution detectors with a large field of view and excellent spatial resolution. The new detectors are the same used in current clinical Nuclear Medicine systems so the image quality is greatly improved on the refurbished offerings available on the market.

Support for AnyScan customers 

Bartec offers support for AnyScan customers including initial site visits and assessments, full installation and training, and service support.

Jan added: “The service has been very good. We’re happy with the speed and communication, and recently an engineer visited us the next day after we reported a problem, which was great.

“Additionally, Sue from Bartec is coming back to the practice this year to deliver scintigraphy training for our nurses which is fantastic as it is Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The training will center around the technicalities of bone scanning.”