State of the art Veterinary Scintigraphy

2nd September 2019

The AnyScan® VS System is a state of the art digital camera setup ideally suited for planar static and dynamic imaging applications.

The AnyScan® VS camera has excellent spatial resolution for all types of equine veterinary and small animal nuclear scintigraphy scanning and offers exceptional bone imaging capabilities ideal for today's modern practices.

The system features large field of view high resolution digital detectors utilizing a thinner NaI(Tl) detector crystal, optimized for gamma photon energies up to 200 keV.

Combined with compact electronics and one analog to digital converter per PMT this offers the best scintigraphic imaging capability in the marketplace.

Image processing is provided through Mediso's proprietary InterView™ XP and FUSION image processing workstations. The system can be configured to link to a range of image processing systems.

If you want to know more please stop by Stand 48 BEVA Congress 2019 in Birmingham, September 11th - 14th.

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