Barn Equine revolutionise their practice with the AnyScan VS Nuclear Scintigraphy system

10th April 2019


Mediso AnyScan Scintigraphy System Revolutionising Scans at Barn Equine

About The Barn Equine Surgery

The Barn Equine Surgery, established in the 1950s, is a fully-equipped, hospital-style equine practice located on the Dorset/Hampshire border. The practice has a well-established reputation and provides high-quality specialist care in West Hampshire, South Wiltshire and East Dorset.

Diagnostic imaging

The surgery is fully equipped for diagnostic imaging including digital radiography, digital ultrasonography, and nuclear scintigraphy (commonly known as bone scanning). Nuclear scintigraphy is often used within the practice for investigations of back pain, pelvic pain, poor performance or issues that would not necessarily be evident from other imaging and diagnostic procedures. The practice is also used as a referral service for neighbouring vets.

Dr Nenad Zilic is the partner in charge of diagnostic imaging at The Barn Equine Surgery

How the Mediso AnyScan has improved nuclear scintigraphy within the practice

Dr Zilic said: “The Mediso AnyScan VS Scintigraphy System has revolutionised our images. Not only are we getting better images, but we can also do the scans much quicker. We can carry out full body bone scans in two and a half hours, which is almost half the time of our previous system.

Getting this system has reignited our enthusiasm for scintigraphy because there is nothing worse than having to repeat images over and over again, spending six to seven hours in a room with the horse where everyone is getting tired and fed up  - and the horse doesn’t want to stand still! Now we can do it in no time, knowing the image quality is second to none.

The camera comes with amazing software that puts the taken images together, so we know the quality of the final image we have as soon as we finish acquiring it. The automatic motion correction helps us as sedated horses would not necessarily just move, but sway. Without motion correction software, we would struggle to get good quality images.”

I would not hesitate in recommending Bartec

Dr Zilic added: “I am delighted in the system that we currently have. I would not hesitate in recommending Bartec, for practices that want to upgrade its current system, or want to install nuclear scintigraphy from scratch.”